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Friday, 25 February 2011@ 10:35 pm
One-Sided Love

Assalammualaikum & hello,
Hmm Ain dah lama dah tak tengok Korean drama, stop sekejap sebab...sebab apa ye? Entah, tak ingat la. But Ain start balik tengok sebab yang drama satu ni ada Ain punya favourite2 korean people. Two lead guys from 2PM and one girl from T-ARA! I love them, tu yang kena watch tu!

Mula2 drama ni best but then it kinda get on my nerves after the second episodes. Sebab diorang buat character yang ain suka, jadi bitchy (but then dia jadi baik of course, cuma tak puas hati mula2 diorang buat dia the 'bad one'). Gah. But anyway, drama ini dah nak habis dah and setakat ni, this is my favourite scene kot...

" Jin Guk: Why did you do such a thing? I told you before, no matter what you see or hear, don’t say anything.
Baek Hee: I’m sorry. But I thought about it a lot longer than all of you. I can endure it.
Jin Guk: How will you endure it? Don’t you know this is just the beginning?
Baek Hee: Guk-ah. You know that I like you very much, right? But I do know you like Hye Mi. You always draw a clear line between us. But I’ve always been sad and unwilling to believe it. ‘Why can’t it be me? Why does Hye Mi always get everything?’
Jin Guk: Why do you always have to mention Hye Mi?
Baek Hee: But now, I understand. A usual person, if he wants to give something to someone else, he’ll first keep a portion for himself before giving the rest away. To protect somebody, one must protect himself first. But you are not the same. You don’t even take care of yourself and you protected me first. That is enough. If I keep waiting for something to happen, more bad things will just happen.
Jin Guk: Baek Hee-ah.
[She puts her hand out]
Baek Hee: Thank you for keeping your promise. You stood by my side until the end.
[He takes her hand] "

-- Dream High EP14

(c) arseniclace@tumblr

Poor Baekhee. She likes him but he likes another girl. I want these two to be together, I don't think they will be though. Hmmm we just have to wait and see.

On the bright side, diorang nampak so comfortable with each other off-screen! ;)
The way he looks at her


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