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Thursday, 28 February 2013@ 10:10 am
Photography ; Faceless ; Herne Bay, Kent.

Assalammualaikum & hello,

[ Date of Event: 19th Feb 2013 ]

The ocean. Spot it.

Truthfully, I have quite a great fear for an open water...

 But the sight of it. So beautiful, SubhanAllah. 

 Living next to the ocean, what does it feel like?

 Little sibs having fun.

 The Pier.

The view from the pier.

Colourful shacks. 


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Tuesday, 26 February 2013@ 1:01 am
Our once in a year meet up? Hope not!

Assalammualaikum & hello,

[ Date of Event: 21st June 2012 ]

Haa tu dia, last meet up kiteorang June tahun lepas. huhu. But seriously, the last time we met up before the date above was in 2011? Uhuh, yeah. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up soon! Each of us has been busy with our own lives but I'm missing these girls badly! T__T

So that day, we went to town...

 ...and we stopped by at Frankie and Benny's for lunch.

 Mine and Saida's. Garlic & Cheese doughballs for starter and Penne Arabbiatta pasta for my main. YUMMM. 
Ain dengan Saida makan yang vegetarian je.

Meryl's & Clarice's foods.
Gelojoh. Haha.
 Meryl's polaroid camera. So cuteeee~ I wannaaaaa~

 Our desserts! Brownies & Ice cream for Clarice. Sundae for Meryl. Cinnamon waffle crunch for me & Saida~ :D

I wanted the balloon and Meryl fetched me one -- why she fitted to be the big sister instead. hehe. 
Actually, why I'm the kid of all. uhuhu.


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Wednesday, 13 February 2013@ 11:57 am
Wordless Wednesday #30 ; Today.

Assalammualaikum & hello,


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Monday, 11 February 2013@ 11:40 am
Sherlock Holmes Museum, Baker Street.

Assalammualaikum & hello,

I'm quite a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. The books and the movies. Although, Robert Downey Jr. made me like Sherlock Holmes even more, if I'm being honest. haha.

So, we went to the museum (during sometimes August last year) which was located in Baker Street - the legendary street of where Sherlock Holmes lived in.

But sadly, due to the short amount of time that day, I didn't get the chance to actually visit the museum (it's upstairs ; Sherlock Holmes' room). Plus, there was already quite a long queue waiting to be taken in.

The shop downstairs. Souvenirs...lots of them.

InsyaAllah, I'll get to visit the museum later this year :)



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Friday, 8 February 2013@ 1:31 am
Prom. My sister's.

Assalammualaikum & hello,

[ Date of Event: 29th June 2012 ]

Entri ni sebenarnya nak di-post tahun lepas...but asyik busy + lupa + malas = tak dapek den nak nolong.  huhu. So, my little sister, Iba had her prom (official event for our last year of high school). Ain of course la sempat jadi photographer for the day kejap. Sekejap je. Me and ibu hantar dia kat sekolah and then they went off by coach.

 Aww...my little sister all grown up. haha. I dressed her up, I put on her make up (proud sekejap). I think this was the only time she wore dress though (baju kurung pon dia pakai only on the very special occasions). You silly girl.

Ni kawan baik Iba. Nama dia Lupa. Haa jangan dok gelak, tak baik tau! Tapi memang nama dia tu la...kami sakan dok gelak jugak dulu masa mula tau...oopps! huhu. But she's really pretty. Especially pakai sari, nampak ala-ala pelakon Bollywood dah!

Kawan-kawan dia kat sekolah. Ni pon yang Ain kenal la.

 Rakia & Uzma, diorang ni pulak kawan yang paling lama kawan dengan adik Ain. Sejak diorang primary school lagi. Tu pon dulu rapat tapi sejak bila entah tak rapat dah sangat...entah la diorang ni. Malas nak masuk campur. Btw, diorang ni twins tapi tak seiras...

 Budak kecik kat tepi tu dok usha je. Comel. haha.

Orang putih punya baju semua kembang2 kebanyakkan~

 Tebeliak tengok heels diorang ni. Noiiceee.

 Ada dua girls pakai suits, lain daripada yang lain! Rebels~ hehe.

And then they're off~

So, she had a good time. Except that she said, the foods were quite awful. Oh well. But still, this whole thing just remind me of my prom...which was a while ago--ok, 5 years to be exact. Man, I feel old. But hmm, it was fun while it lasted. Well, we can't stay young for the rest of our lives, can't we? Maybe at heart? eheh.


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Tuesday, 5 February 2013@ 1:08 am
First time in the stadium, watching a match.

Assalammualaikum & hello,

So, I took my little brother to watch a football match on the 28th November 2012. I wasn't a huge fan of football, but I was a fan of Michael Owen, still am. He was an amazing player until his injury got the best of him T__T

And I was so excited when I heard he transferred into Stoke City!

(Stoke City vs Newcastle United)

 Adik Sarah, Hazim...dia ni memang a big fan of Stoke City. Dia pergi tengok every matches kot (he bought the season ticket terus) ! Since he's a fan club member or something, he got a discount and stuff. Kebetulan ticket lawan dengan Newcastle United murah, mintak tolong dia beli kan :D

 Unfortunately, Michael Owen didn't appear during this match (was kinda hoping he could be one of the substitutes at least, but nope) ..huhu. 

Diorang ni kalau tak gaduh, tak sah.

We were sitting five rows from the very front seats (behind one of the goal posts)~

The crowds were so unbelievably loud. I wasn't expected them to be THAT loud but then again, it was my first time after all. haha. 

Bila diorang nyanyi ramai-ramai tu yang paling best though. Bergema stadium. haha.
 Zoomed in.

 It was quite a good match. Stoke City wonnnnnn, 2-0! Whoott! 
 (tetiba jadik Stoke City fan pulak dah!)

If only I could see Owen though T__T

 But seriously, it was so cold that day! No. Cold wasn't even close to what I was feeling that night, it was FREEZING! By the end of the match, my fingers were numb and I couldn't feel my face. huhu. 

Note to self: Never again to watch a match in an open stadium during winter.



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