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Tuesday, 1 January 2013@ 6:30 pm
2013, let's go!

Assalammualaikum & hello,

Blinked once, blinked twice, we're already in the year of 2013. How fast time has gone by...

2012 has been quite a journey for me. There were all kind of good and bad moments occurred in my life for the past year. Well of course, that's just life for us - it's simple, but it won't always go easy on us. And then again, ada hikmahnya kenapa sesuatu tu terjadi, kan? Ain bersyukur sebab masih diberi peluang untuk hidup dalam keadaan sihat dan waras. Alhamdulillah :)

I wanted to say thanks to all of you my lovely followers, especially those that has been following me since early last year! Thank you! Terima kasihhhh!

 Let's all try and write a better story for 2013! InsyaAllah. 



11 avengers commented


Blogger Meryl Divino says:

Happy New Year Unni! <3

  1 January 2013 at 23:47

Blogger Fazlinil Irma says:


Miss u banyaak2.. dah jarang ada masa utk jalan2 blog awak.
ni pun nampak naik dkt dashboard.

semoga stsa dalam peliharaan Allah.. xoxo.

  2 January 2013 at 01:42

Blogger Nadya Bubble says:

Happy new year :)

P/s : Gambar sentiasa awesome !

  2 January 2013 at 02:44

Blogger super d0uble F :) says:

happy new year ain :)

  2 January 2013 at 10:33

Blogger anis scha says:

happy new year! :) tahun ni kne mkin rajin update blog!

  3 January 2013 at 05:55

Blogger LdyNisa says:

happy new year!!!
have a great day ahead :D

  4 January 2013 at 07:51

Blogger lynn says:

Ain!!! rindunyer kat ain....life totally different now...I want you back!!!!
anyway selalu2 lah update blog nie terubat lah jugak rindu kat ain ye...:)

  6 January 2013 at 04:30

Blogger Nazrul Ashraff says:

happy new year!!! hahaha/ da lambat gila

  24 January 2013 at 05:15

Blogger elin.shazlin says:

makin sweet dan comel ain ni... =)

  24 January 2013 at 10:57

Blogger Ain SSB says:

Meryl, missing you~!

Kak Irma, aww it's ok, Ain paham. Miss you banyak2 jugak! Thank you, you too akk! <3

Nadya, thank you hun!

Fatin, to you too!

Anis, InsyaAllah! huhu.

LdyNisa, thank you! You too~

  29 January 2013 at 00:43

Blogger Ain SSB says:

Aunty Lynn, awww tell me about it! I WANT YOU BACK T__T huhu. InsyaAllah!

Nazrul, to you too! haha selagi Januari tak habes lagi, bole je!

Kak Elin, ye ke? haha mekacheh! :P

  29 January 2013 at 00:45

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