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Friday, 12 October 2012@ 12:33 pm
Photography ; In the style of Albert Watson's

Assalammualaikum & hello,

Kebelakangan ni tatau la kenapa malas sangat. hhuhu. Sebenarnya, ada je cerita yang nak di-update kat blog tapi...haishhh. Bila mood takde pon lagi satu kes T___T

But anyway, sementara dah on blog ni, Ain update dulu la topic yang dah berabuk dalam draft Ain (a'ah, sampai dah berabuk dah...). So, photography course Ain dah habis lama dah...entri ni pon supposedly dah post lama dah. huhu. 

Well, these pictures were tended for my portfolio: In the style of Albert Watson, one of the famous fashion/art/celebrity photographer. We could choose any photographer really but I chose Albert Watson because I was really captured by his black and white images. They're flawless! 

Had to dragged little brother to the studio to be my kid model. 

Of course my works still can't come close to Albert Watson's but I've tried my best and I'll keep practising to become as good :)

P.S Click on the pics for bigger images.


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10 avengers commented


Blogger man yusoef says:

woi woi! smartnya gambar!!

  12 October 2012 at 15:57

Blogger super d0uble F :) says:

lamanya ain tak update,btw gmbar atas nih sangat cool !

  12 October 2012 at 18:35

Blogger anis scha says:

waaah. smart!!

  15 October 2012 at 12:02

Blogger Mya says:

ain, beautiful pics! :)))

  17 October 2012 at 06:43

Blogger LynnAiza says:

niceeee Ain! dah mcm pro dah ni. hehe.
boleh la nanti nak mintak Ain la jadi cameraman bila Lynn kawen nanti ke kan? eh! hahaha

  26 October 2012 at 06:10

Blogger elin.shazlin says:

Assalamualaikum.. nice pic sis!! love it =)

  14 November 2012 at 20:55

Blogger DeQWa says:

Ain..kemanakah menghilang,lama tak update blog nie,terbiar ....huhu

  19 November 2012 at 12:16

Blogger onie says:

black & white ! smartnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ain :D

  14 December 2012 at 14:57

Blogger LynnAiza says:

ur brother seriusly boleh jadi model! haha

  25 December 2012 at 04:23

Blogger Ain SSB says:

Man, woi woi thank you!

Fatin, tu la~ nnt ain try to update more from now on. huhu. Mekasih!

Anis, Mya, thank youu~

Kak Elin, Waalaikumsalam. Thanks akk! hehe.

Deqwa, busy sikit la Deqwa + malas (terus terang) pon ada. huhu. I'll try to update more ok~ :)

Onie, thank youuuuuu!

Lynn, cameraman bila Lynn kawen? Okeyh settttt! haha. Thank you Lynn! My brother tu mmg suka pose haha.

  25 December 2012 at 22:30

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