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Monday, 17 March 2014@ 10:16 pm


Yes, like everyone else (or most of us), I am really sad to hear about this incident too. Dari hari pertama MH370 hilang, I kept looking out for the good news but we're yet to receive one. Seminggu dah berita tentang MH370 ni kat muka depan English punya newspapers. And sekarang ni dah berputar belit dah about what could possibly happened to the airplane and its passengers. Mula-mula, there were news about MH370 crashed into the sea...sekarang, berita mengatakan yang ada orang plan nak gunakan plane tu untuk create ala-ala 9/11 style? And then again, there's news that leaning towards a possible conclusion of 'pilot suicide plot'. Wallahu a'lam. Although, paling sedih baca bila journalist gunakan keywords 'Malaysian', 'Islamists' and 'terrorist' in one sentence dalam English newspaper. Honestly, Ain serta merta jadi malu bila baca even though I am, well, we're all yet to know if any of these are true but apa-apa pon jom kita doa agar nama Islam dijauhi dari semua benda yang tak elok. And ya Allah, may you protect those passengers that are innocent.

Let's keep praying for MH370 and every each of the innocent souls on board. InsyaAllah, Allah tu Maha Mendengar :)


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