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Monday, 27 June 2011@ 8:57 pm
Just when I thought a happy day could go better


Ni sambung from the previous post tentang terjadinya kejadian teknikal bengong yang tak diduga.

Ok, so after I transfered the pictures into my computer (at this point, I got 2 copies of all the photos), Ain deleted the ones in my camera but then I thought..."Oh wait, I don't want to delete them" but it was too late, all the pictures has been deleted in my camera (but sebaik Ain still got the copies in my computer, pheww). And then, wow, clever me I thought I can "undo delete" but instead I clicked on "undo copy". I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don't want to do that!"

Ok, breathe. "They're must be in the recycle bin", I thought. So, I went to the 'recycle bin'...but, BUTTT the pictures weren't there. THERE WERE NOTHING IN THE RECYCLE BIN! What? You must be kidding me? Come on, it's not the time for April Fool! No, SERIOUSLY, THERE WERE NOTHING IN THE RECYCLE BIN!

So yes, hundreds of pictures I took yesterday just gone, just like that. Gambar2 yang Ain tangkap tengah panas berpeluh, bawak camera kesayangan kehulu kehilir kat celah ketiak...all that was was for nothing. Yes, such a waste. Butttttttt well, benda nak jadi, jadi jugak. Takpela, Ain dah belajar dari kesilapan. Sebaik gambar from Meryl punya camera ada! Tak sebanyak Ain la kot (diorang pon terkejut gila bila Ain beritau yang Ain ter-delete gambar2 tu)...sebab seriously, Ain tangkap gambar every 5 seconds! Hmmm sedih, tapi ape nak buat?



5 avengers commented


Blogger sea_lavender says:

u nice gurl~~
sweet...gud luck there =D

  28 June 2011 at 00:44

Blogger Ain SSB says:

Thankyouu sea_lavender! :)

  28 June 2011 at 05:12

Blogger wahida idris says:

sabar ye. lain kali check betol2 ye.

  28 June 2011 at 06:26

Blogger lynn says:

la....over excited la tu....sampai gelabah cam tu ain.....la...tak per...'things happen for a reason' kan....

  28 June 2011 at 09:11

Blogger Ain SSB says:

Wahida, tu la...lain kali mmg akan check betol2 la. huhu.

Aunty Lynn, takde la excited mana, cam biasa slalu transfer gamba mase makan2 tu camtu jugak, huhu. Yeah, things happend for a reason indeed. Well, at least next time I'll be extra careful la kan...huhu.

  28 June 2011 at 18:27

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