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Wednesday, 25 May 2011@ 11:51 pm
7 Day Challenge ; Kenapa minat mereka?

[ Day 03 - A picture of your favourite cast in your favourite show ]

Favourite show? Kalau Korean ramai sangat, hehe, so I'm just going for my favourite American TV show which is 90210! And my favourite cast is Matt Lanter (as Liam Court).

He appeared at the end of Season 1 and since then, I just couldn't stop liking him. At first it was because of his gorgeous face but his characters just drowned me more into him. I love how his character is such a hot-tempered guy but yet so caring. He looks tough on the outside but he's really a sensitive and soft in the inside, someone that needs to be taken care of. He's the kind of guy that you could trust and that if you makes him happy, he'll protect you.
Even more lucky if you're someone very important to him, he'd do anything, ANYTHING for you. His character makes me wondered if that kind of guy really exist. If yes, then I would like one for my boyfriend please. huhu.

[ Day 04 - A picture of your favorite band or artist ]

A Korean boyband 2PM, is by far my favourite artist. Bukan sebab diorang Korean muka jambu ke hape (eh tapi cute la jugak diorang ni), tapi sebab Ain suka diorang punya team work & hard work. They are a group of six but bila diorang performed, they're ONE, they're 2PM. Performance yang diorang perform usually will makes me amazed. Dan masa diorang practice, I could tell that they really put their best into it.

Diorang ni masing2 ada gaya masing2, personaliti masing2 & perangai masing2. Kadang2 tu, punya la lawak bengong diorang ni, sampai kita lupa yang diorang ni A HOT KOREAN IDOLS. haha. And another thing I love about them is their friendship. When one is not well, not happy or feeling unsecure, another will look out for them. When being asked "what is 2PM" to the members, they answered "2PM is brothers", "2PM is family" , "2PM is my life".
Dan Ain agak bangga jadi fans diorang selama 3 tahun ni :)

P.S Orang suruh letak 'a picture', satu gambar je, Ain pergi letak lebih2 plak, hmm ghasak la. hehe.


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